Welcome to my photo gallery. Here you’ll find a selection of my photographic work. Please don’t hesitate to comment the site or one of the pictures.

How to use this site

This website is designed for presenting pictures. As soon as you access the site or one of its galleries, an automatic slideshow will be started in the background. Apart of this, many advanced features to control and view the pictures and information on this site are implemented.

Main menu

The main menu is located on the left side. You have the choice to access all galleries ordered by categories or tags. Overviews of all galleries are available by clicking on Galleries.

By clicking on Blog, you’ll be redirected to the main Weblog of FOTOmanisch.

If you click on Panoramas, you’ll be redirected to another photo project dedicated to panoramic photography (only German).


Social Links

Social LinksThese icons are linked to the social networks Facebook, Twitter or Flickr. The last (right) one gives you the ability to contact me by a web form.

Language selection

Language SelectionPlease choose your favourite Language at any time.

Navigation/Advanced features

NavigationThe advanced features are located on the left bottom of the screen. The first icon is only shown if you’ve already selected a gallery and can be used to hides the menu. The second one shows a marker. If you click on it, a map appears where all galleries are pointed to the location where they were taken. The other icons (last/pause/next) give you the ability to access the last or next picture of the presentation or to pause it.

Gallery view

DetailsIf you select a gallery, you’ll find a row of thumbnails at the bottom. Beside this row (left) there’s a +-icon which takes you to the gallery details.

Picture navigation

Last PictureNext PictureIf you access one of the pictures at the gallery detail page, the picture will be shown with all detailed information (EXIF information, Location as GPS and map position). You can manually access the last or next picture by clicking on the left or right arrow next to the picture.

Picture NavigationOn the left bottom two icons are shown. The first one (left arrow) takes you back to the slideshow. The second one activates the full screen mode on modern web browsers.

On the right side of the detailed picture page additional information is shown. By clicking on the map you’ll be taken to the marked position on Google Maps.

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